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11 December 2018 Review
12 December 2018

Given the large number of sites that market steroids, we decided to try the site to check its reliability.

As it is well known, I am totally transparent with readers and today this is not going to change. So, I placed an order as if I were a customer without revealing my identity.


Everything has been very simple; one moves around the site like a duck to water. The site is optimized so that the client can quickly access all the articles either from a computer or from a mobile phone. To place an order, everything is very intuitive: you click on the item you want to add to the cart and then you go directly to the payment.

The site offers much shipping points. So we don’t get any surprise upon reception if we order from these warehouses.

The explanations on deliveries are very clear and detailed.

Payment methods are the classic ones and those that are usually used in the websites selling anabolic steroids.

What about delivery?


Regarding my order, everything OK. All my packages were received within the time frame indicated by For the type of delivery, we opted for express delivery + insurance. Delivery service was truly professional.

It should be noted that shipping costs for the products in store 1 differ from those in store 2. So you must distinguish where your products come from before proceeding to place the order.

In terms of packaging, there is nothing to tell. Products are well packaged and all boxes of testosterone that we ordered did not suffer any damage. Once again, the site’s professionalism surprised us.

Rating: 5


  1. Eddylon says:

    At the moment, I genuinely have no complaints about the quality of products offered by this company. There are many pharmaceutical products to choose from and provided by a variety of labs as well. This company offers a fantastic customer loyalty and bonus program. As compensation for the loss of my package during delivery, I was given a discount of 20%. A new package was also presented and received all within a short period of time.

    Rating: 5
  2. JohnRice says:

    Had a great experience using their product. Thanks

    Rating: 5

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