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5 April 2015
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The effects of testosterone :

Used alone or as a supplement to other steroids, testosterone is an excellent product to develop solid muscle mass , make beautifully shaped dry mass or simply to revive lazy libido.

However, these positive effects can be accompanied by easily avoidable side effects if you take the time to get informed, to adapt your treatment, to respect the doses and use the appropriate protections.



Risks and dangers of a testosterone cycle :

If you are not careful during your testosterone cycle, you could suffer from many negative side effects. Among the most common, we find the following

  • Muscle tearing
  • Important development of acne
  • Gynaecomastia (enlargement in breast tissues in male)
  • Tendinitis
  • Headaches and liver disorders
  • Sterility
  • Aggressiveness
  • Failure of erection
  • Virilisation (especially in women)

Protect yourself from the negative effects during a testosterone cycle


Gynecomastia is the most feared disorder by testosterone users.

This problem occurs when aromatising the anabolic steroid: testosterone is converted to oestrogen and fixed in the mammary glands, causing the appearance of a breast in humans.

Protection: to protect yourself from aromatisation, a supportive cycle based on anti-oestrogens is essential (during and after your cycle of testosterone). It will prevent any appearance of gynecomastia.


Currently, the best and most effective protection to stop aromatisation is the Arimidex. In fact, Anastrozole is a powerful antioestrogen belonging to the family of aromatase inhibitors. Therefore, it will act directly on the production of oestrogen by blocking the aromatase enzyme. It is recommended to take 1mg every two days. It is also possible to limit the risks by taking Proviron together with Nolvadex.


If it has not been protected and the first symptoms appear, do not panic. Simply stop the cycle or take Femara immediately. A DHT-based cream can also help.



Namely : the first symptoms of gynecomastia appear by hypersensitivity of the breasts and then by swelling.

Gynecomastia reabsorbs itself if it does not last too long. However, if it continues, it can become irreversible and only through a surgical operation can the breasts of man be removed.



The development of acne, if it appears, will be treated simply with a good antibacterial soap.


Liver injuries :


Hepatic disorder can result from a deficient degradation of the anabolic steroid in your liver if taken orally.

Protection : I recommend the use of a protective cure with an hepatoprotection such as Legalon or Samarin


Virilisation in women :

In case of virilisation in women it is recommended to interrupt the treatment, because these effects are often irreversible. However, it can be seen in bodybuilding competitions that for some women, the spirit of competition comes first.

Namely :  other sports supplements, such as peptides, are more suitable for the female audience than testosterone.


Musculature and tendons

With respect to muscular and tendinous problems, these are as simple to explain as to prevent:

The rapid growth of your muscles weakens them slightly. These must get used to their new size and take the time to strengthen themselves.

You should not neglect warm-up sessions before your workout nor recovery times.



Increased aggressiveness

Some studies show that testosterone can have an effect on your mood. However, a small percentage of users have reported an increased aggressiveness during the cycle.

If this is what happens to you, do not hesitate to relax. Plain and simple. It seems that music softens tempers.


Abnormal sexual function

Problems on the sexual field are often due to an overdose

A serious recovery and a supportive cure (such as gynecomastia) will prevent erectile dysfunction.

A recrudescence of the libido will be worth watching closely; there is no real miracle cure, but… is it really unpleasant?

It goes without saying that none of these problems will interrupt your cycle or your post-cycle if you are prudent and disciplined.



The importance of protection and recovery (PCT) :

A successful testosterone cycle involves respecting doses, protections and recovery (PCT).

Anti-oestrogen protection: it is therefore INDISPENSABLE during a cycle that involves the use of testosterone, using a new generation of anti-oestrogens to avoid the inconveniences of aromatisation.

Some are used to associate Proviron with Nolvadex during the cycle to limit oestrogenic risks.

But Anastrozole is now becoming the best protection, as it starts by blocking the production of oestrogen, which stops the action of aromatase.   

 Recovery (PCT): during your cure, your body will administer the additional testosterone that will enter the body by stopping its natural testosterone production. At the end of the cycle, when the synthetic testosterone has dissipated, your body will have a deficit of this hormone. The stimulus will be necessary to reactivate the natural production of testosterone and restore the hormonal balance. The most used PCT is:

1 tablet of Clomid + 1 tablet of Nolvadex for 21 days, after the cycle with steroids.


Namely : in case of testicular atrophy, injections of Hcg Vitagon, even during its cycle will solve the problem after a few weeks.

As for Hcg, it can be used both during healing and during recovery.

The dose is 5000 IU/week, once or twice a week with an injection in the morning.

Needless to remind you that the use in a stack of oral steroids-Dianabol, for example- requires that you take an hepatoprotection such as Samarin to protect your liver as much as possible.



A small trick

You can also use vitamin C as a supplement to lower the level of cortisol, and vitamin E to improve the effect of HCG (if it is taken as a basis for a relaunch).


Conclusion :

The supportive cure and the PCT form, truly, an integral part of your cycle with anabolic steroids. You will avoid many complications and their advantages are clinically proven. Abandoning its use is like walking the wrong way on a highway. It’s dangerous!

If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact me for free and personalised advice.

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