What Does Testosterone Enanthate Do to Your Body?

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23 August 2021
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If there is one androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) that is commonly used by new and advanced level bodybuilders alike, it is testosterone enanthate injection. Testosterone Enanthate otherwise known as ‘Test’, is a synthetic form of the naturally produced testosterone hormone.

When ‘Test’ is introduced into the body, it suppresses and substitutes the naturally generated (by the testes and adrenal glands) testosterone hormone in the bloodstream to provide both anabolic and androgenic effects.

Since its development back in 1954, bodybuilders have experimented with testosterone enanthate to build muscle mass and gain from the enormous strength, stamina, energy and endurance performance benefits that this AAS provides.


What is Testosterone Enanthate?

As mentioned earlier, testosterone enanthate is an AAS, it was initially developed for medical use and used in the treatment of people with inadequate levels of testosterone or suffer from hypogonadism caused by an infection, injury to the testicles and even cancer.

As an AAS the moderate anabolic properties of ‘Test’ will help to develop muscle mass while its strong androgenic properties will promote the development of traits peculiar with the male sex, such as; the increased growth of both facial and body hair and a deep, raspy voice.

It is because of its strong androgenic properties that testosterone enanthate is a drug of choice by transgender men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Today ‘Test’ is listed as a Schedule III drug under the Anabolic Steroids Control Act and you cannot buy testosterone enanthate injection in the U.S and many other countries around the world without a prescription from a qualified doctor.

Testosterone enanthate injection consists of slower acting esters compared to other forms of testosterone. This is great especially for needle shy bodybuilders who only need to inject themselves once a week and still enjoy tremendous athletic performance.




How to Use Testosterone Enanthate Injection?

As you now know what is testosterone enanthate, it is important to know how to use testosterone enanthate injection. The first thing you need to note is that you should never inject ‘Test’ directly into your veins, but instead into your buttock muscle.

You should always administer testosterone enanthate injection in accordance with recommended dosages. Make sure to check your ‘Test’ product for any discoloration or for the presence of particles. Avoid using a vial of ‘Test’ with discoloration or particles.


Bodybuilding Beginner Level ‘Test’ Cycle:

For a typical testosterone enanthate bulking cycle for bodybuilding beginners for increased muscle mass, energy, strength, endurance, stamina and for impressive powers of recovery from muscle injuries, you should use a total of 2000 mg over a 7 week period as follows:

  • Week 1: 200 mg,
  • Week 2: 200 mg,
  • Week 3: 300 mg,
  • Week 4: 300 mg,
  • Week 5: 300 mg,
  • Week 6: 350 mg and
  • Week 7: 350 mg.

If this cycle is judiciously followed, you can expect up to 20 Ib or 9 kg of lean muscle mass gain. With increased quantities of intracellular fluid surging through your muscle cells, you should also experience significant muscle pumps at the end of this ‘Test’ cycle.


Bodybuilding Advanced Level ‘Test’ Cycle:

If you are an advanced level bodybuilder, then your ‘Test’ cycle will consist of about 4,400 mg of testosterone enanthate injection spread over a 10 week period as follows:

  • Week 1: 200 mg,
  • Week 2: 400 mg,
  • Week 3: 400 mg,
  • Week 4: 400 mg,
  • Week 5: 400 mg,
  • Week 6: 500 mg,
  • Week 7: 500 mg,
  • Week 8: 500 mg,
  • Week 9: 500 mg and
  • Week 10: 200 mg.

While you may reach plateaus quickly when maintaining a low dosage of ‘Test’, you will add significant muscle mass while building your strength, stamina and energy levels when you start with this advanced level ‘Test’ cycle.

You can begin with the beginner level ‘Test’ cycle then for your follow up cycle you can try the advanced danced level ‘Test’ cycle highlighted. Expect to gain an extra 10 Ib or 4.5 kg of lean muscle mass after the advanced level ‘Test’ cycle to add to the 20 Ib or 9 kg already acquired under the beginner level cycle.

However, note that while the advanced level cycle can offer you tremendous bodybuilding gains, you also risk exposure to many side effects. Post cycle therapy (PCT) is advised after each cycle in order to reduce the effects of high levels of testosterone hormone in your bloodstream.


Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects

When you authentic buy testosterone enanthate injection and administer the drug in accordance with recommended doses, you should know that there will be no danger to the health of your liver.

However, the strong androgenic properties of testosterone enanthate injection can lead to the following side effects:

  • Acne,
  • Oily skin,
  • Male pattern baldness,
  • Increased facial and body hair, and
  • Water retention.

The aromatizing of administered testosterone enanthate injection in the bloodstream is also a strong possibility and gynecomastia (male boobs) is another side effect that may occur (especially in individuals that are genetically predisposed to gynecomastia) as ‘Test’ becomes converts to estrogen in the the body.

During PCT using a Nolvadex, Proviron and other similar SERMs would help to block the effects of estrogen in breast tissue thereby preventing any possible expansion in the mammary glands.

Describe TE Products

You should be cautious whenever you buy testosterone enanthate for sale. There are telltale signs to prove the originality and authenticity of ‘Test’. The first thing you should notice when you buy testosterone enanthate injection is the color. This should be a yellow colored or clear viscous fluid that is provided in a 5 mL vial made of glass.

The second thing you should notice on the value is the type of carrier oil included with the ‘Test’. Carrier oil may vary, but the most commonly used include grapeseed oil and sesame oil.

Note that the mean residence time of testosterone enanthate injection is about 8.5 days while its elimination half-life is about 4.5 days. Also, different companies may sell ‘Test’ under under number of brand names, some of these include/

  • Delatestryl,
  • Cypionat,
  • Everone,
  • Andro LA,
  • Depandro,
  • Testrin,
  • Testostrovol, and
  • Xyosted.


Where to buy Testosterone Enanthate Injection?

You can conveniently get testosterone enanthate for sale online from pharmaceutical companies. These companies are usually based in Asian and European countries.

Make sure to check the reviews and comments of users in order to get a good idea of the authenticity and quality of TE products offered by these pharmaceutical companies.

In addition, be sure that they have flexible payment methods and offer a reliable, fast delivery of purchased items. Check out their modes of delivery to see if they make use of the services of reputable international courier companies like EMS and DHL.



Testosterone enanthate injection offers both cutting and bulking benefits. This AAS will help build lean muscle mass while also burning excessive fat in the process.

‘Test’ offers significant anabolic effects to bodybuilders, thereby making it a preferred drug of choice for running a bulking cycle. Injectable testosterone enanthate is safe to use, cost effective and does not need regular administration (its elimination half-life is about 4.5 days). 

Bodybuilders that are new to steroid use, can start off with using ‘Test’ as it is usually well-tolerated and does not cause any damage to vital organs like the kidney, liver and heart.

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