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1 August 2016
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3 August 2016

Many of you want to gain muscle mass, strength and aggression dramatically.

To achieve this goal, nothing like a cycle of testosterone. However, there are those who fear injections.

To provide you the best support in your testosterone cycle, we are sending you a clear protocol to follow so that you can become an ace of testosterone injections.

Testosterone injection protocol :

The application of testosterone injections requires following a rigorous hygiene protocol to avoid any risk of infection.

By following the steps below, you can safely apply your own testosterone injections.

injection testostérone

Before any application you need to get your hands properly disinfected using an antiseptic product.

  • Then take a compress with antiseptic to disinfect the area to be punctured.
  • Get two needles. One will be used to withdraw the liquid from the pill or vial of the product and the other one will be used to get that fluid injected into the muscles. Take a 2 or 5ml syringe according to your needs.
  • Get the rubber tip of the vial disinfected with an antiseptic compress. If you have a pill, simply break it in the right place.
  • Without touching the needle, open the larger needle pack and place the syringe in it.
  • Puncture the vial or pill and extract the desired amount of liquid.
  • Remove excess air from the syringe. There should not be a single bubble of air left.
  • Take a compress to remove the needle and place the second needle (shorter and thinner) in the syringe to apply the injection.
  • Get the muscle area of the arm or thigh disinfected twice to be punctured with several compresses.
  • Be sure the needle is perpendicular to muscles when puncturing.
  • Smoothly inject the liquid and get the muscle area disinfected a second time when removing the needle.
  • Smoothly massage the punctured area for a few moments.




Do not forget that if you apply the injections yourself, you should do it calmly, with no external disturbances and in a clean environment. It is extremely essential to be aware of each of your actions throughout the application of your injection.

Side effects related to a testosterone injection

  • As with any treatment, there are often side effects attributable to testosterone injections that should not be ignored. First, the duration of treatment is one of the main causes of the negative effects attributable to testosterone. It is better to start with a short treatment. The first time stick to a time frame of 6 to 12 weeks.
  • Second, taking testosterone can cause some liver damage. Therefore, regular check-ups are a must when taking testosterone injections.
  • Finally, a part of the injected testosterone is converted to oestrogen by aromatase. It is a process known as aromatisation.

In order to avoid side effects that could lead to harmful consequences for your health, it is important not to start a testosterone cycle way too long, to respect the doses, to have the necessary protections along with your cycle and to carry out a post cycle therapy (PCT) to increase your natural production of testosterone.


Testosterone provides excellent results in terms of physical performance. However, injections must adhere to a rigorous protocol. Hygiene remains paramount for the healthy continuity of treatment and for optimal results with no side effects.


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