5 Essential Methods for Increasing Testosterone

7 Secrets for Naturally Increasing Testosterone Levels
1 August 2016
Doping and Testosterone
1 August 2016

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How to increase testosterone levels

Increasing testosterone requires attention to technique. If a man thinks his testosterone levels are low, it is in his interest to take steps to make up for the deficiency as soon as possible.
As testosterone regulates all other hormones during sleep, it is essential to know how to stimulate testosterone if you are lacking. There are two options: the natural method or the substitution method.


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A Healthy Diet

First, you must relearn how to eat properly and avoid foods that lower testosterone levels in the body.

Many foods like soybeans have proved to cause low testosterone in men. Pesticides and all of the toxic products hidden in prepackaged foods will cause low testosterone in many people.

It’s possible to increase testosterone levels with a good diet including healthy fats, proteins, some green vegetables and a little cholesterol. Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are known to lower estrogen levels, and therefore are favorable for boosting testosterone. Zinc and magnesium are also particularly recommended for increasing testosterone. On the other hand, it is imperative to limit or even remove sugar. Overweight people do not

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Using dietary supplements

Choosing the right dietary supplements helps increase testosterone. Obviously in this case we mean sports supplements. However it’s preferable to increase testosterone levels through natural ingredients from plants and minerals.

These testosterone boosters help muscle mass develop more quickly and easily.

They help you regain libido and sexual desire. For example, tribulus terrestris is available as tablets, mutant tests or testo punch, among others. There is an infinite number of products online to meet any need.

Proper training

Choosing weight-training exercises to increase testosterone is another natural option. Pushing yourself to your physical limits over several weightlifting sets, giving intense effort over short lengths of time followed by easier effort to recover, cardio training and sprints are the major forms of exercise for raising testosterone levels. Don’t forget to rest after intense exercise because a body under stress does not produce testosterone.

Taking a testosterone treatment

A testosterone treatment is certainly not a natural phenomenon. Many people use testosterone capsules that you must swallow repeatedly during the day at a rate of 2-3 capsules every 3 hours. There are also testosterone gels that serve as stimulators; they are absorbed through the skin. One application per day is generally enough. For prescribed doses, refer to a physician. Transdermal patches pass testosterone directly into the bloodstream through the skin. Some are placed on the skin of your arms or thighs and others on your gums. Lastly, there are testosterone pods or pellets. These pods are 3 mm thick and are implanted under the skin; they contain 75 mg of testosterone which is then continuously diffused into the bloodstream. These are the four “light” methods of increasing testosterone, meaning you can simply follow the prescribed doses and then forget about them. They are made with natural substances and cause very little harm to your liver.


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Taking testosterone injections

Injections are definitely the best testosterone treatment.

Whether to stimulate or simply boost testosterone, injectable products produce the most rapid and visible effects.

Injections are intramuscular, often in the arm. They are based on a 12 to 14 week schedule followed by a rest period for complete assimilation. Different injectable products exist for boosting testosterone. It is in your interest to research the product that will give you the best results without causing too many side effects. In this case, blood tests and multiple medical visits are needed to gain muscle and libido without a hassle. 


Today, increasing testosterone levels is just common sense. Given recent scientific advances in the different fields of medicine, preserving testosterone ahead of time is certainly be the most effective remedy. Testosterone is an essential hormone for physical and mental health, so it is important to maintain it and prevent its loss. Human evolution seems to depend on it.

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