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5 May 2015
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1 August 2016

Recognizing the usefulness of hCG “gonadotropin”

Human chorionic gonadotropin, also known as hCG or gonadotropin, is a hormone with a reputation for possessing several useful characteristics for sports as well as for solving fertility problems. In both cases, it significantly impacts endogenous testosterone production in a man’s testicles. HCG is commonly used to correct some of the sides effects suffered during a steroid cycle. 

Many people, men and women, also take hCG for fertility. In men it mimics the functions of the luteinizing hormone LH to encourage testosterone production. 

Some supporters enjoy its benefits as a male libido booster.

booster sa libido

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for libido

It’s important not to confuse fertility and libido, and keep in mind that a hormone that causes testosterone production naturally has a large impact on male libido. hCG acts as a luteinizing hormone and triggers the testicles to produce testosterone as if they had LH. The best results come from repeated stimulations. However the primary usage of hCG is as a hormonal substitution therapy, which is much more beneficial for maintaining sperm production and testicle volume. One of the best dosages is frequent intake of small quantities between 500 UI and 1000 UI per day.

booster sa libido

Biolab (Clomid) as natural testosterone

There are products that have been designed to specifically restore natural testosterone production. Clomid proves to be very effective for this. It appears to be more and more appreciated by young men as a viable long-term solution for regulating low levels of testosterone and therefore hypogonadism. It blocks estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. When the androgen levels are not very high, 50 mg of Clomid per day is largely sufficient for the minimum production of a normal quantity of LH. It is considered very effective against gynecomastia as well as water retention during a steroid cycle.  

More and more doctors are recommending Clomid as a long-term treatment for several reasons. First, it costs less than other products of comparable effectiveness. Whether as an injection or cream, it has proven to be less expensive than other products that cause some side effects. Secondly, it can be administered several different ways, making it very convenient to use. Thirdly, it is recommended as a fertility treatment, and has been known to cause higher sperm production in infertile men by increasing their libido. Fourthly, Clomid practically never causes testicular shrinkage, unlike traditional testosterone therapies.

Fifthly, so far it has caused almost no side effects, which is why many doctors offer it as a good option for fertility or libido.

If you have to purchase testosterone, it makes sense to start with a product that has as many benefits as this one.

Undecanoate and enanthate testosterone for male libido

Undecanoate Testosterone is not toxic to the liver. The product is absorbed by the lymphatic system, so it does not pass through the liver or cause any hepatic damage.  This makes it one of the flagship products for male libido.
Though it is always a good idea to find a perfect and satisfying product for male libido, you must always pay close attention to side effects. Undecanoate testosterone is formulated in such a way as to aromatize from only 200 mg of estrogen. It has many positive characteristics for anyone seeking an effective product for libido or wanting to start a cycle without fear of any side effects.

As for enanthate testosterone, it is much more likely to produce effects later in the treatment. It can be active in the body for up to 2 to 3 weeks. Take an average dose of 500 mg per week to quickly gain strength and weight. However it can cause water retention and gynecomastia. After each treatment, you must revitalize endogenous testosterone production with hCG and Clomid injections. Enanthate testosterone’s effects increase when used in combination with other products like anavar or anadrol, which maximise its benefits.
If its only a question of personal choice, then remember that in many cases it’s more important to consider the side effects than the results promised by the products.

Some, like Clomid and undecanoate testosterone, are very effective; but you should consider effectiveness in relation to taking minor risks or long-term effects. Any man seeking to restore or keep a healthy or abundant libido should consider taking it.


Libido is certainly one of the most sought after sensations among men and women. However while we try to conserve and develop it, we must acknowledge the groundbreaking research done by scientists over the past few years to increase and preserve it. We must recognize the merit of scientific progress and seriously consider the undeniable effects of some products.

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