Before and after: Antoine’s case Review
12 December 2018
What are the Best Testosterone Medications?
3 March 2021

Name: Antoine

“Before: 72kg

After: 82kg

Here is my current physique, I will not lie to you trying to edit the picture. The goal is to be honest and down to earth.

In the past, I used to practice fitness at home and cycling outdoors from time to time. Unfortunately, like many of us, I gave up a few months later when I did not see any results.

For those who do not know Arnaud Sylvain, this coach is a breath of fresh air for me. I owe to Arnaud the fact that sport has become a real pleasure and not a torture anymore! In short, a revolution for me.

I do not have more pictures to show you, these are the only available ones of my condition before and after. I hope these pics can be useful as proof that sport changes the body… for the better. Thanks to the blog community, I managed to understand how to take testosterone safely. I was limited to a single cycle to achieve my goal. Arnaud’s community also helped me make the right decisions and choose the right products and, above all, I was able to buy them very easily.

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