Does magnesium stimulate testosterone?

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3 August 2017
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5 December 2018

We all know magnesium for its anti-stress properties. Often recommended during testing seasons, magnesium is an excellent ally to remedy intellectual overwork. However, we had no idea that it could also have a positive impact on our testosterone.

Several studies have focused on magnesium and how, its properties, do affect testosterone. Among these studies, we find the one that was published in 2011 in the “Biological Trace Element Research” journal. According to this study, a daily intake of approximately 10mg of magnesium per kilogram would increase testosterone levels, even without exercising the slightest physical activity. However, this increase is greater in individuals who practice a sport.

Magnesium, an essential element for well-being :


Magnesium is an essential element in the production of ATP energy molecules and cell protective enzymes. According to researchers at the Medical Centre of the University of Maryland, magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of vital organs such as heart, kidneys, muscles, etc. They also estimated that the daily requirement of magnesium in adult adolescents and men was from 270 to 400mg, when in fact it is from 280 to 300mg for women of the same age group. Unfortunately, most people consume very few cereals and other foods rich in magnesium and minerals nowadays. For example, about 70% of Americans have a lower than normal rate. In such cases, it is no coincidence doctors prescribe magnesium as a dietary supplement.

Magnesium in the sports world :

The use of magnesium as a supplement by athletes has always been a matter of debate, since most people think that it contributes to improving their performance.


Researchers from the University of Selcuk conducted an experiment in three groups (groups 1, 2 and 3) of 10 students from 18 to 22 years old. Group 1 consisted of students who usually do not performed any physical activity. Students in groups 2 and 3 used to practice taekwondo regularly.

Researchers measured, first, the concentration of testosterone in the blood of the students at rest and after doing intense physical exercises. They then administered magnesium supplements (10 mg/kg body weight) to students in groups 1 and 2. After four weeks of taking supplements, researchers remeasured the testosterone concentration in all students.

The free testosterone rate increased significantly in all students, particularly those in group 2, in which the rest rate increased by 24% compared to 15% in the case of group 3. This experience clearly shows that magnesium is a powerful stimulator of testosterone. According to the researchers, magnesium alone is enough to improve the performance of athletes.

Another study showed that a magnesium supplement could increase muscle strength in elders. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that magnesium prevents testosterone from binding to the SHBG binding protein. Therefore, the amount of free testosterone in blood will increase rapidly. Not to mention that free testosterone is much more active than that related to SHBG. 

These studies allowed to reveal the beneficial action of magnesium and the essential minerals on the production of testosterone. In addition to improving emotional balance, promoting concentration, magnesium is also an excellent stimulator of testosterone. Therefore, it will improve our physical performance.


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