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Testosterone propionate 100 mg is one anabolic-androgenic steroid that may be prescribed in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). While TRT is needed by people with low levels of testosterone, testosterone propionate injection may also be used by bodybuilders looking to enjoy the muscle building, strength, endurance and rapid recovery gains that the drug offers.

In this post, you will learn more about testosterone natural hormone and injectable synthesized testosterone like testosterone enanthate injection and testosterone propionate. Also, get to know how to inject ‘Test Prop’ as well as what testosterone propionate side effects to watch out for during your cycle.


I. What is Testosterone?

Naturally produced testosterone can be found in human beings. This hormone is predominantly produced by the testicles, although the adrenal glands are also known to produce small amounts of testosterone hormone as well.

In females, testosterone is produced in the ovaries, but like the adrenal glands, the production is also minimal. During the pubescent years of a person, there is a noticeable increase in testosterone production, however, this starts to decline as a person reaches the age of around 30 years.

Without out using synthesized testosterone like testosterone propionate 100 mg, naturally produced testosterone will help in the following ways:

  1. Promotion of male characteristics, such as; increased body (including the pubic area) and facial hair, and deepening of the voice,
  2. Increased sex drive and libido,
  3. Improved memory and cognitive function,
  4. Increased red blood cell production,
  5. Building of muscle mass, and
  6. Increased bone density.

While testosterone production in most people is normal, there are still individuals that suffer from hypogonadism, a condition characterised by a low production of natural testosterone hormone in the body.

People suffering from hypogonadism would need testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) which simply involves the use of synthetic forms of testosterone like testosterone propionate in order to boost their testosterone hormone levels and avoid experiencing harsh side effects associated with low levels of testosterone, such as; a decline decline in energy levels, osteoporosis, weight gain, and and decline in sex drive.

While hypogonadism may be inherent in some people, it may also be caused by some severe health conditions like kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and HIV/AIDS. Alcoholism and cancer treatments like radiation treatment and chemotherapy are also known to adversely affect the natural production of testosterone in the body.



II. Why is an Optimal Testosterone Level important?

It is widely believed that the total amount of testosterone hormone in relatively healthy men between the ages of 19 and 39 years ranges from 264 ng/dL to 916 ng/dL. In a healthy adult male, the average amount of testosterone hormone is approximately 630 ng/dL while in a healthy woman the average testosterone hormone level is about 32.6 ng/dL.

While the level of testosterone hormone in healthy men will steadily decline as they grow older, the optimum testosterone level in an adult male can be said to be around 630 ng/dL as mentioned above.

Without the use of testosterone propionate injection or testosterone enanthate injection, the optimal natural testosterone level in healthy adult men helps to ensure they have a decent sex drive and libido. It and so helps to improve their energy levels, mobility and brain power.

But not everyone can attain this optimal natural testosterone level, as explained earlier, people suffering from hypogonadism would not be able to reach their optimal testosterone level which can lead to a decline in muscle mass and bone density.

In such a case, the prescription and administration of a synthetic testosterone booster like testosterone propionate 100 mg would suffice. These synthesized testosterone will help to boost testosterone levels of users to the optimal range of about 630 ng/dL.


III. How does Testosterone Medication Work?

Whenever testosterone propionate 100 mg, testosterone enanthate 250 or any other similar testosterone medication is intramuscularly administered, these testosterone drugs will suppress and substitute the production of naturally generated testosterone with pretty high amounts of synthetic testosterone.

By taking androgenic-anabolic testosterone medication during TRT, you will significantly improve your protein production. This will in turn encourage a higher rate of protein synthesis in your muscles which promotes muscle tissue growth.

In addition to increased muscle tissue growth, the use of testosterone propionate 100 mg and similar anabolic steroid drugs will aid the burning of excessive fat while enhancing your bone density as well as strength.

Testosterone medication will therefore ensure that you are leaner, bigger, and stronger which is why ‘Test Prop’ is one of the all-time favorite androgenic-anabolic steroids used by all levels of bodybuilders.


IV. Benefits of Testosterone Propionate 100 mg and other similar Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone propionate 100 mg offers users both anabolic and androgenic properties. This medication binds with androgen receptors in your muscle tissues to boost protein synthesis, encourage tissue regeneration and also growth.

Bodybuilders suffering from recurring muscle tears can do with including testosterone propionate 100 mg as part of their steroid stack, as this testosterone medication will aid speedy recovery from muscle damage.

Using ‘Test Prop’ will also help to build muscle mass while burning body fat by speeding up your rate of metabolism. So in effect, you should experience lean muscles. The other anabolic effect of synthesized testosterone administration is in bone maturation. You should expect to have stronger bones due to the increase in density from ‘Test’ use.



V. Testosterone propionate 100 mg – Your Best ‘Test’ Bodybuilding Steroid Option?

Testosterone propionate 100 mg was first developed back in the early 1970s by Watson Laboratories. This androgenic-anabolic steroid is a 17β propionate ester derivative of naturally occurring testosterone hormone.

Genuine testosterone propionate for sale is available under so many brand names, but one brand name that is quite common is ‘Testoviron’. In medical use, this steroid is known to bring relief to women suffering from breast cancer while men suffering from hypogonadism administer this drug under prescription to enhance their testosterone levels.

The half-life of testosterone propionate is short while the release of this anabolic steroid in the bloodstream is slow. ‘Test Prop’ is therefore perfect for short bodybuilding bulking and cutting cycles of between 8 to 10 weeks.

‘Test Prop’ is injected either in your deltoid muscles or in your buttock at the ventral gluteal region. The typical dosage is 50 mg injected twice or thrice in a week for 8 to 10 weeks, although bodybuilders are also known to inject between 20 and 25 mg per day or on alternate days over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.


VI. Testosterone Propionate 100 mg Product Details

Testosterone propionate 100 mg is available in ten-10 mg ampoules/vials in a pack. Original ‘Test Prop’ is also available as a non-prescription drug and in commercial quantities.

This allopathic, injectable steroid drug comes as a clear transparent, clear liquid with the indications and contra-indications provided on the pack.

If you want to purchase original testosterone propionate for sale, then you should get online from sites mainly based in Eastern European and Asian countries like India and China.




VII. Conclusion

‘Test Prop’ is one androgenic-anabolic steroid that all levels of bodybuilders can turn to for their bulking and cutting cycles. ‘Test Prop’ will restore damaged muscle tissue while building lean muscle mass in the process.

With an increase in metabolism, you can also be sure of burning off excess body fat. ‘Test Prop’ is well-tolerated and testosterone propionate side effects are mild. You may encounter slight swelling, rashes, and itching on the site of the injection, but this would normally clear up on its own and without the use of any ointment.

In all, testosterone propionate 100 mg is a safe, highly beneficial and readily available drug with authentic products sold online predominantly by pharmaceutical companies located in Europe and Asia.

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