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9 March 2022
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Testosterone injections are widely used in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to treat men suffering from hormone deficiency. Its primary use is to treat sexual dysfunction in males and postmenopausal symptoms in women. Professional sports players use them as a performance enhancement drug to improve their overall performance and physical appearance. Keep reading more information about different testosterone injections, including their uses, safety and possible side effects.


What Are Testosterone Injections?

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone naturally occurring in men’s testicles and female ovaries, and women do produce very low amounts of testosterone hormone. These injections are used in boys and men to treat different conditions which are caused due to a lack of hormones. For example, delayed puberty, hormone imbalance or impotence.

Testosterone enanthate is used to treat breast cancer in women that has spread to other body parts and can’t be treated with surgery. These injections are not for use to treat low testosterone without any certain medical conditions or getting older. Testosterone injections are used for various purposes. Users can buy testosterone injection from multiple websites.

Aromatization is the process which converts testosterone into estrogen. This natural process maintains homeostasis in the body. This generally causes in male body and in females testosterone levels to become out of balance.


What Are The Treatment Of Low Testosterone Level In Males?

Generally, Testosterone injections are prescribed to men suffering from low testosterone symptoms. The low testosterone production in testicles is also called hypogonadism. With growing age, men’s testosterone production declines, and it may cause various adverse side effects.

Lower testosterone level symptoms may include lower sperm production, loss of muscle mass, loss of energy, decreased bone density, increased fatigue and erectile dysfunction. Based on Rochester medical centre, in healthy adults, normal testosterone levels is 280-1100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

These lower testosterone level symptoms can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy which provides several benefits, including:

  • Improve mood
  • Enhance sperm production
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Reduce in osteoporosis
  • Better cognitive function
  • Improve energy level

The Food and Drug Administrative (FDA) approved drug to treat men with low testosterone due to disorders of the testicles, brain or pituitary gland or age-related declines.



Testosterone Therapy In Females

Testosterone replacement therapy is more controversial in females compared to males. A normal healthy adult female has 15-70 ng/dL.

If females have low testosterone levels, it may cause fertility problems, irregular periods, lower sex drive, and vaginal dryness. Even though lower testosterone symptoms are not recommended to female users because it may cause masculinization effects in them.

However, doctors recommended testosterone therapy to help with hypoactive sexual desire disorder after menopause in women. Menopause symptoms may include mood changes, weight gain, reduced bone density and anxiety.

The FDA has not approved any products to treat testosterone replacement therapy in women. The general recommended dosage for women is 300 micrograms per day, and however, doctors will prescribe different doses based on individual requirements.


What Are Types Of Testosterone Injections?

There are four different testosterone ester variants that come with attached other esters. All of them have a different active half-life and their detection time. All these ester variants provide the same benefits and positive effects to the users.

Testosterone injections for bodybuilding are widely used to improve a user’s physical appearance and overall strength. Here are the most common testosterone injections:

  • Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is the fast-acting ester variant compared to other forms. It has an active half-life of around 4.5 days and the injection detection time is up to one month. Testosterone propionate has potent muscle building that allows users to gain huge increments in strength. This is widely used for bulking cycles, and it is helpful to get reliable muscles and hardening effects.

  • Testosterone Enanthate

This ester variant is a slow-acting anabolic steroid. It has an active half-life of around 4.5 days. Testosterone enanthate detection time is more than one month as it is very slow releasing anabolic steroids. Enanthate ester is the most effective anabolic steroid to build muscle mass and provide higher strength. This ester variant is widely used to improve the user’s physique and overall performance.

  • Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is another well-known ester variant that is widely used among bodybuilders to achieve bodybuilding goals. It is one of the slow-releasing ester variants. Cypionate has an active half-life of around 12 days and this injection detection time is more than one month. Users don’t need to inject this frequently. This injection is helpful to build bigger muscle mass and provide higher strength and energy to users.

  • Testosterone Suspension

This ester is not that much famous or recommended because it is quite painful compared to other injections. Suspension is fast-acting anabolic steroids that have less than 24 hours of active half-life, and it can detect within up to one week. These injections are used to build muscle mass and gain higher strength.

  • Sustanon 250

Sustanon 250 is the purest form of testosterone and also the brand name of testosterone injection. It contains a blend of four different slow and fast-acting testosterone ester variants. Sustanon has an active half-life of around 3 to 4 days, and its detection time is up to 14 days. Sustanon 250 is a potent anabolic steroid that is used for bulking cycles to gain bigger muscle mass.



How To Use Testosterone Injections?

Testosterone injection is a potent anabolic steroid with high anabolic and androgenic effects. They are used to improve users’ physical appearance by growing their muscle mass and higher strength gain. Male users can take Testosterone injection based on their experience levels such as:

  • 250 mg to 750 mg per week for beginner users.
  • 750 mg to 1000 mg per week for intermediate users.
  • 1000 mg to 1250 mg per week for advanced users.

Generally, users can’t exceed the limit of 1000 mg per day because it may cause various adverse side effects that affect their health negatively. Its lower doses in females may cause virilization effects, so they should avoid it.


Are Testosterone Injections Safe?

Testosterone injections are safe to use when you use their recommended dosage and cycle duration. However, when users consume its high dose and prolonged cycle, they may end up with various adverse side effects such as:

  • Polycythemia (A rare blood cancer)
  • Increased risk of venous thrombosis
  • Increase risk of cardiovascular complications
  • Worsened symptoms in the lower urinary tract
  • Allergic reaction
  • Breathing issues
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rashes

Testosterone enanthate increases blood pressure that can increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. So, always avoid its high dose and long-term use of testosterone injections.

Testosterone injections are not recommended for those users who have different medical conditions such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in neck, back or arms
  • Weakness or numbness
  • Difficult speech
  • Faintness

According to a study, it is also used to treat delayed growth and puberty. This therapy should not affect the adult height that adolescent reaches.




Doctors will prescribe testosterone injections to treat lower testosterone in males. However, it doesn’t cure the underlying condition that may help alleviate some of the symptoms. Testosterone injections are also used to treat sexual dysfunction that comes after menopause or as part of masculizing to hormone therapy.

Before using different testosterone injections, people need to be aware of other long term and short term side effects. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is an effective treatment to treat men suffering from lower testosterone levels.

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